Fabulous February: Wellness Wednesday – Heart Health Week 2

Happy Wednesday! We made it halfway through another work week and to another Wellness Wednesday dedicated to Heart Health.

This month Bravera Hospital is doing a 28 day heart challenge. You can sign up for daily emails here and catch up on missed challenges here.

The Day 3 challenge was to Step Up and Get Exercising. Per the article walking 20 minutes a day for 15 weeks can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Are you a walker or a step counter? I aim for at least 5,000 steps a day and a few weeks back started walking 20 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. Share your step goal or exercise routine with us as well as anything esle you are doing this month for Heart Health.

Be Peaceful,






Fabulous February: Wellness Wednesday

Welcome back, everyone! Happy February First!

It seems I took an unattended hiatus but I am back in February and have some good things planned!

  • I will update on my health Journey and the weight loss plan I started in December.
  • Wellness Wednesdays will be dedicated to Heart Health Month.
  • Throwback Thursday will be dedicated to Black History Month.
  • And much more!

For our First Wellness Wednesday see the below resources to help you kick off Heart Health Month!


What are you doing for your Heart Health or to spread awareness?

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s First Throwback Thursday, Black History Month edition.

Be Peaceful,


Have a Happy New Year!

As we enter a New Year, we usually reflect on the last year. We think about what we’ve accomplished, what we failed at, who we spent it with, the memories we made, and what we could have done differently. Sometimes, we set goals for the next year or make resolutions. Other times, we look at past years’ broken resolutions or abandoned goals.

If you do any of the above, I encourage you to do so with love, kindness, forgiveness, and understanding for yourself. Remember to acknowledge all of your accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Speak to yourself the way you would a friend.

Remember that you can always start or try again, as many times as necessary. Success can only happen if we start or try. True failure happens when we never begin or completely give up. Also, the New Year doesn’t have to be your start day because we have 7 days in a week to choose from!

Your goals and resolutions are yours! You can and will make them happen, but on your time frame! You got this!

Be Peaceful,