My name is Nanette. I am 42, a mom to a 22 year old son, and a wife to Antone my wonderful hubby. I work full time as  a Billing Specialist. I enjoy family time, food, outdoors, reading, walking, writing, cooking (sometimes 😉), watching tv, church, the beach and music.

It seems like I have always been on a journey to grow, change and improve myself and to do so in all aspects of my life: spiritually, mentally and physically. However, over the last few years the need to establish an education and obtain stable employment became my main focus. Everything else pretty much got neglected.

Lately (the past couple years) the desire to “find myself” has gotten stronger. I have become flooded with ideas and the urge to grow spiritually.  I wanted to change my life, my attitude, my health and how I relate to others. I enjoyed writing so much when I was younger and have always loved the idea of blogging. I finally decided (about a year ago) that starting a blog website would be my first step.

This blog will be my Journey to a peaceful and healthy life. It may include (but is not limited to):

① Journal entries

② Goals

③ Life struggles

④ Time management

⑤ Spiritual growth

⑥ God and Biblically Based posts

⑦ Mental health

⑧ Inspirational messages

⑨ Health: Exercise, Diet, Recipes, Disease, etc…

⑩ Products (my review, try, promote, and/or sell)

⑪ Articles (magazines, newspapers, etc)

⑫ Promote other sites (family, friends and small business owners)

⑬ Family life

⑭ Hobbies

⑮ Education

It is my hope that you will join me on my Journey and that you will receive help, encouragement, information, growth and peace along the way!



Please leave your comments below. (Let's be respectful and peaceful)

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