Blogtober Day 31: Motivated Monday

Today, instead of sharing a Monday Motavtional quote, I will share what I am motavted to start……… No Excuse November!

No Excuse November! Make the Time, Plan, Check It Off!

For No Excuse November, I am challenging myself to continue to post daily as well as take steps to establish some new habits. The daily posting and the new habits are all in line with my larger goals, both short and long term.

I will continue with themed daily posts, but some of the themes will change to better fit the No Excuse November theme and my planned habits. I will also start to incude some vlogs.

Last Tuesday in my teaser post announcing No Excuse November, I mentioned that one of my goals was better routines, especially for wake-up and bedtime, which will start with early wake-up times. Below are all five habits I will be incorporating throughout November.

  • Wake-up by 5:45 am
  • 20 Minutes Activity
  • Track All Food
  • 15 minutes Personal Growth Reading
  • 30 Minutes Blog/Vlog Work/Research

My goal is to complete each habit 5 out of 7 days. Below is the tracker I will be using.

I hope you will join me in No Excuse November, while we elimate excuses in order to work towards our goals and habits. Share in the comments what habits or goals you are working towards and any steps you plan to take to get there.

Be Peaceful,


Blogtober Day 3: Motivated Monday

Mondays have a bad reputation. For those of us with the Monday – Friday work week, Monday means our weekend is over. Even for people that don’t have the Monday – Friday work week you still hear them say things like “I have a case of the Mondays”.

I think it’s time we break this thought process and start focusing on the great things Monday has to offer us! We can retrain ourselves to approach Monday in a positive light and let it be the source of our motivation for the week.

Mindset: Train my brain to see the bright side with a can-do attitude⠀
Opportunity: Say yes to adventures and changes⠀
Nourishment: Spoil my body with healthy food⠀
Doable steps: Focus on the next step instead of the whole staircase⠀
Authenticity: Be me and let my authentic self-attract my people⠀
Yay: Celebrate when the day is over, because- let’s be honest – Monday is a lot.

Be Peaceful,