Blogtober Day 22: Spooky Saturday

Today’s spooky saturday story is the one that inspired the Child’s Play movie.

Robert The Doll

In the early 1900s, Robert the Doll was made by a servant and gifted to Eugene Otto. Eugene and the doll were initially inseprable and said to have a freinship that would last a lifetime. It wasn’t long before things got strange, and it was thought the doll was cursed with Vodoo by the servant who made it.

The parents were awakened one night to Eugene screaming and the sounds of furniture moving, only to find the boy curled up on his bed and Robert sitting at his feet. On other occasions, they would pass the boys’ room and hear him talk to the doll and hear the doll respond in a different voice. They soon locked the doll in the attic but would see him in the window of the upstairs bedroom.

After Eugeen passed away, the new owners of the house had a 10-year-old child who was excited to find Robert. Unfortunately, Roberts reign of terror continued. Robert The Doll now lives in a glass case at East Martello Museum.

Are you familar with this story? We watched the Child’s Play movies growing up, but I never knew they were inspired by this story? Now I want to visit the museum, how about you?

I would love to hear your favorite spooky story!

Be Peaceful,



Robert The Doll

Visit The Fort East Martello Museum

Blogtober Day 19: Wellness Wednesday

During the month of October, we are focusing on two deminsions of wellness each wednesday. Last week, we focused on the physical and social deminsions. This week will be occupational and spiritual.

Occupational: personal satisfaction in your job/career.

Spiritual: the search for purpose and meaning in life, knowing which resources to use to cope with everyday life, values, and beliefs

For me occupationally I think having work life balance helps me to be a better employee and more satisfied with my job. I think prayer, self reflection, and spending time in nature really help my spiritual wellness.

What about you, what are some things that have, do, or will help you achieve occupational and spiritual wellness?

Be Peaceful,



Blogtober Day 18: Tasty Tuesday

Hi All! This week, my husband and I had doctor appointments (annual physicals). Afterward, we usually do Happy Hour at BJ’s Brewhouse because they have great specials and yummy appetizers. This time, we decided to try something new, so we went to Happy Hour at Mother’s (in Westchase, Fl). We decided to order two, not as bad for us apps and one bad for us. So we got their Dry Rub Wings, Buffalo chicken flatbread, and poutine. Everything was delicious! The wings were the second best I’ve had (Glory days are my faves), the Flatbread was the perfect balance of heat and relief, and the potuine was rich and savory (the kind you just need a few bites of). All the perfect bar foods!

Do you have a favorite Happy Hour spot that has food specials, too? What are your favorite bar foods?

Be Peaceful,


Blogtober Day 16: Step It Up Sunday

Simple steps we can take while preparing for the week to take it to the next level……..

I am not a big meal planner or meal prepper. I do like to have an idea of a couple meals I might make through the week but no concret days.

Something I do like to do to step up my week is either buy pre-preped veggies or pre-prep fresh veggies for the week.

Example: I typycally buy frozen tri-pepper and onion mix, large packages of fresh spinach, and zuchinni that I will cut up* so it’ll be ready to use.

What are some smal steps you take to level up your week?

Be Peaceful,


*I like to cut in thin slices and dice so I can use different ways.

Blogtober Day 15: Spooky Saturday

In August, my husband and I were on our way home from a trip to Georgia (visiting family). We decided to make a bit of a date day on the drive home. We stopped through St. Augustine and visited the lighthouse since neither of us had done that before.

We were immediately delighted by the landscape and were soon intrigued by how much history this site holds. The property is beautiful, the keepers’ house was special, and the lighthouse was magnifcent. Every where you turn was another piece of history with great explanations and stories. As we were leaving, I was reviewing their brochure and noticed they had ghost tours. Soooooooooo, today’s spooky tale is from their website…….

The Pittee Girls

The Pittee Sisters

In 1871, Hezekiah Pittee was brought in to oversee the construction of the new/replacement lighthouse. He moved down from Maine with his wife and three daughters. His daughters made friends with the other workers’ children very quickly and then turned the construction site into their personal playground. Onsite, there was a little railway and cart used for moving construction supplies. The railway ended at the water and had a board at the end to stop it. The three girls turned this railway and cart into their own personal rollercoaster.

On July 10, 1873, the three girls and a friend took a ride on the cart, but the stop board was not in place. They were dumpped into the water, and the cart landed over them, trapping them in the water. All but one of the girls died. After this tragic accident, there have been many strange occurences at the lighthouse. Girls giggling, apparitions, sitings of a young girl in Victorian Age clothing, EMF readings, shoelaces being tied to the staircase, and much more.

Have you been to the St. Augustine Lighthouse? Did you experience anything spooky? What about the ghost tour? Please share your experience or favorite ghost story in the comments.

Be Peacful,



Blogtober Day 14: Free Ebook Friday


*Remember to double check that the price is $0.00 before buying, prices change quickly and without notice.

Personal Health:

Crime Fiction:

Cozy Mystery:

Children Books:


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Blogtober Day 12: Wellness Wednesday

During the month of October, we are focusing on two deminsions of wellness each wednesday. Last week, we focused on the intellectual and emotional demensions, and this week’s two will be the physical and social.

Physical: all areas of the physical body. Nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention.

Social: social connections, relationships, and personal expression.

I can think of so many to obtain both of these deminsions of wellness. However, I have one that I really enjoy doing, and I think it covers both deminsions, walking with friends or family.

What do you do to help keep you physically and/or socially well? Do you have any tips or tricks for others? Please share in the comments.


Be Peacful,