Blogtober Day 22: Spooky Saturday

Today’s spooky saturday story is the one that inspired the Child’s Play movie.

Robert The Doll

In the early 1900s, Robert the Doll was made by a servant and gifted to Eugene Otto. Eugene and the doll were initially inseprable and said to have a freinship that would last a lifetime. It wasn’t long before things got strange, and it was thought the doll was cursed with Vodoo by the servant who made it.

The parents were awakened one night to Eugene screaming and the sounds of furniture moving, only to find the boy curled up on his bed and Robert sitting at his feet. On other occasions, they would pass the boys’ room and hear him talk to the doll and hear the doll respond in a different voice. They soon locked the doll in the attic but would see him in the window of the upstairs bedroom.

After Eugeen passed away, the new owners of the house had a 10-year-old child who was excited to find Robert. Unfortunately, Roberts reign of terror continued. Robert The Doll now lives in a glass case at East Martello Museum.

Are you familar with this story? We watched the Child’s Play movies growing up, but I never knew they were inspired by this story? Now I want to visit the museum, how about you?

I would love to hear your favorite spooky story!

Be Peaceful,



Robert The Doll

Visit The Fort East Martello Museum