Blogtober Day 3: Motivated Monday

Mondays have a bad reputation. For those of us with the Monday – Friday work week, Monday means our weekend is over. Even for people that don’t have the Monday – Friday work week you still hear them say things like “I have a case of the Mondays”.

I think it’s time we break this thought process and start focusing on the great things Monday has to offer us! We can retrain ourselves to approach Monday in a positive light and let it be the source of our motivation for the week.

Mindset: Train my brain to see the bright side with a can-do attitude⠀
Opportunity: Say yes to adventures and changes⠀
Nourishment: Spoil my body with healthy food⠀
Doable steps: Focus on the next step instead of the whole staircase⠀
Authenticity: Be me and let my authentic self-attract my people⠀
Yay: Celebrate when the day is over, because- let’s be honest – Monday is a lot.

Be Peaceful,


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