The First Nine Weeks!


The First Nine Weeks is a program designed to help you develop new, exciting, happy and healthy habits to enhance your life! Studies show that it can take as little as 3 weeks (21 days) to build a new habit. With this plan you can build 7 new habits over a 9 week period. This plan is designed to fit any and everybody’s current level, situation, circumstance and status.


Every week for the first 7 weeks you will pick a new habit to add (or build on a current habit.*)


Week 1= Write something positive each day. This can be something that happened, something you are thankful for or a positive thought.

Week 2= Continue with week 1’s habit plus read for 30 mins each day.

Week 3= Continue week 1 and 2’s habits plus add 10 mins of physical activity 3 days a week.

You will continue adding a new habit every week (or building on a current one*) for 7 weeks. On week seven you will add your 7th habit.

Remember it takes 3 weeks to build a habit so habit 5 still has 1 week left, habit 6 has 2 weeks left and habit 7 has three weeks left.

After adding your 7th habit you will continue to complete all seven habits for 3 weeks (week 7, 8 & 9) to finish the process. After week 9 you will now have 7 new habits. You can start this process over at any time to add new habits or build on to existing ones*.

*Building on to current habits.


Week 1 Read 10 mins a day. Week 2 Walk 10 mins a day. Week 3 Drink 1 added glass of water a day.

Week 4 Read 10 more mins a day (total mins). Week 5 Walk 10 more mins a day (total 20 mins). Week 6 Drink 1 added glass of water a day (total of 2 added)



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