Creating a Healthy, Happy Life!

Creating a healthy, happy life does not happen over night. There is no miracle pill we can take or magic food we can eat that will makeover our lives and bodies. Instead it takes time, effort, steps, plans, desire, knowledge, dedication, support, sometimes even some setbacks and motivation, lots of motivation!

We have all heard of different diet trends and crash diets. A lot of us have probably tried a few. Sometimes you get results but usually they are too strict to stick to. If you do manage to stick to them and get results for most people they are short-lived. There are of course exceptions. A small number of people are able to make extreme changes very quickly, get great results and them maintain it long-term but this is the exception. For most of us small lifestyle changes over time will lead to lifelong results and habits. Most diet trends do NOT address your mental and spiritual health. I don’t know about the rest of you but I want the whole package!

I want to improve my mental, spiritual and physical health! So, I came up with The First Nine Weeks! I am super excited about this plan! This plan will fit and benefit everyone’s life regardless of your current situation or health status! I have pinned the plan to the home page of my site and will be posting more information, tracking sheets, habit ideas, etc… over the next week! I would love for you to all start and follow the plan with me!

My official start date of The First Nine Weeks will be Sunday Oct. 5th. Please join me on this journey!

Be Peaceful,


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