Blogtober Day 15: Spooky Saturday

In August, my husband and I were on our way home from a trip to Georgia (visiting family). We decided to make a bit of a date day on the drive home. We stopped through St. Augustine and visited the lighthouse since neither of us had done that before.

We were immediately delighted by the landscape and were soon intrigued by how much history this site holds. The property is beautiful, the keepers’ house was special, and the lighthouse was magnifcent. Every where you turn was another piece of history with great explanations and stories. As we were leaving, I was reviewing their brochure and noticed they had ghost tours. Soooooooooo, today’s spooky tale is from their website…….

The Pittee Girls

The Pittee Sisters

In 1871, Hezekiah Pittee was brought in to oversee the construction of the new/replacement lighthouse. He moved down from Maine with his wife and three daughters. His daughters made friends with the other workers’ children very quickly and then turned the construction site into their personal playground. Onsite, there was a little railway and cart used for moving construction supplies. The railway ended at the water and had a board at the end to stop it. The three girls turned this railway and cart into their own personal rollercoaster.

On July 10, 1873, the three girls and a friend took a ride on the cart, but the stop board was not in place. They were dumpped into the water, and the cart landed over them, trapping them in the water. All but one of the girls died. After this tragic accident, there have been many strange occurences at the lighthouse. Girls giggling, apparitions, sitings of a young girl in Victorian Age clothing, EMF readings, shoelaces being tied to the staircase, and much more.

Have you been to the St. Augustine Lighthouse? Did you experience anything spooky? What about the ghost tour? Please share your experience or favorite ghost story in the comments.

Be Peacful,



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