Blogtober Day 1: Spooky Saturday

Welcome to day 1 of Blogtober! I figured the best way to start this off was with a story about a local haunted house.

The May-Stinger House, located in Brooksville, is thought to be one of the most haunted houses in Florida. It was originally built in 1855 for John May and wife Marena then sold to Dr. Sheldon Stringer. After passing hands a few more times it was left abandoned. Finally, it was bought and then sold to The Hernando Historical Association.

This house is believed to have at least 11 ghosts. Including 3-year-old Jessie Mae. Jessie Mae’s mother, Marena, died during childbirth. Unfortunately, Jessie Mae’s cause of death is unknown.

A quick Google search revealed tales of seeing a baby crawling in the house, a child laughing, the sounds of a ball bouncing and much more, all thought to be little Jessie Mae.

This house is not only haunted by those that have died there but also by ghosts that are attached to the historical items displayed here.

This museum is open for visits and offers ghost tours. I have not been yet but hope to visit soon. If you have visited or have other stories related to this house, please share in the comments.

Did you grow up with ghost stories? Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear them.

Be Peaceful,


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