Part 3 of 5: How much do you move?

Steps To Building A Healthier Lifestyle Or Starting A Weight Loss Journey, A 5 Part Series

So we established a baseline for our food intake and are making changes there so what’s next?

While what we eat is about 80% of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle our movement/activity is the other 20%. Just like we did with tracking our food we now need to track our movement/activity level. During the next one – two weeks you should record your movement without making any changes. The best way to get where we want to go is to figure out where we are.

You can track your movement/activity any way that you like but I would recommend using a fitness tracker, pedometer or application on your phone. You can buy a pedometer or a fitness tracker at most stores or from amazon. Your cellphone may have one built in or you could download an application such as Fitbit, Samsung Health, or google fit. 

I was using a Samsung watch with the Samsung Health app for many years. Recently I received a Fitbit and now use that. However, over the years I have used pedometers from Dollar Tree and they work fine but I had to replace them every couple months and they don’t sync to my phone. Just a tip, the Fitbit and Samsung app work without a fitness tracker or watch, you just need to keep your phone on you.

I look forward to seeing what your movement/activity baseline is. 

Be Peaceful!


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