Part 1 of 5: Establish Your Baseline

Steps To Building A Healthier Lifestyle Or Starting A Weight Loss Journey, A 5 Part Series

Always meet yourself where you are at. In order to do this, we have to establish ‘where we are’ are baseline and then make a couple small adjustments at a time.

For a healthy eating or weight loss journey, we should start by tracking our current food intake. There are a lot of great apps you can use like MyFitnessPal or you can just write it down. 

Track everything you BLT (bite, lick or taste). If you are not good at tracking as you go, then try taking a picture of your food and going back later to actually track it. Another tip is to pre-track; if you already know what you will eat, then just track it ahead of time (you can always edit it later).

The best, biggest, and easiest thing we can do for our health is change what we eat. But in order to do that, we must know exactly what we are currently doing. This will help us decide what to change first.

Track honestly for 1-2 weeks, I usually do 2 weeks in order to get a full picture. DO NOT make any changes during this tracking period, otherwise your baseline won’t be accurate. 

If your long-term goal is weight-loss then I would recommend getting your baseline weight and measurements as well. You can do a quick google search on getting your measurements or read this article.

My Journey:

I am currently doing the myWW (Weight watchers) program so I use that app to track my food. I have recently received a FitBit so I have also been tracking my food there. There is no need to track in two places, this is just a bit of an experiment of mine. In the past I always used MFP (myFitnessPal) which is free and easy to use. FitBit’s app is free as well. 

I look forward to your questions or feedback. We will discuss this topic over the next 2 weeks. Look for my follow up video Sunday!

Be Peaceful!


2 thoughts on “Part 1 of 5: Establish Your Baseline

    • Start small. Pick one thing you can do to get back on track. That may be different for all of us. For me when I want to get back on track I think “what was i doing in the beginning, that I am not doing now?”

      Usually I am not honestly tracking my food or I have incorporated unhealthy foods or I have stopped exercising. If this is similar for you then start fresh. Start tracking again or get rid of the bad foods and make sure you start reintroducing those healthier food items or start your favorite exercise for a few minutes a day.

      Remember no big changes because it can overwhelm and then just set us back!

      I hope this helped! If not give me a little insight as to what on track normally is for you and what derailed looks like then we can brainstorm!

      Be peaceful!


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